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Top 5 SEO Courses To Jump Start Your SEO Career

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We’ve designed this guide to help beginners in SEO find the right course that will help them jump-start their career. The 5 courses below were selected because they provide a thorough foundation of SEO basics and are taught by industry experts. You’ll find a variety of course lengths and prices as well, so you’ll be able to match yourself to the appropriate course according to your budget and schedule. At Course Peek, our mission is to make finding your next digital marketing course as easy as possible. This site is dedicated specifically to digital marketing courses and organized in an accessible format so you can effortlessly compare classes side-by-side.

With over half of all website traffic coming from organic search (Brightedge), search engine optimization is a marketing service desired by almost all businesses—from local mom and pop shops to global corporations. Whether you’re looking to start your SEO career at an agency or with an in-house team, developing your SEO skillset with in-depth educational tools is crucial to set yourself apart as a job applicant. Plus, a comprehensive knowledge of the craft will help you bring more value to your clients and employers. It’s time to enrol in the right course that will jump-start your SEO career.

Side by Side Comparison of our Top 5 Course Picks:

Course Level Duration Delivery Certification Cost Provider Best For
SEO Training Course Beginner 3.5 hours Online Not Provided Free Moz via Udemy Learners on a budget that need a quick trainer
ADMA SEO Essentials Course Beginner 1 day Online/Offline Yes $679 ADMA Students looking for quick certification from a trusted source
The Ultimate SEO Course Beginner Self-paced Online Yes $299 The Training Collective Self-learners looking for detailed instructions
The Recipe for SEO Success Course Beginner 7 Weeks Online Yes $1258 Kate Toon Students looking to improve their content marketing
Search Engine Optimization Certified Professional Course Beginner 1 year membership Online Yes $200 SEOcertification People who want to be part of an SEO community for an extended length of time

1: SEO Training Course by MOZ on Udemy

If you’re new to the world of SEO, you’ll find that you can’t get very far without running into Moz, a marketing software company and SEO community with almost one million digital marketers on its site. Moz also provides training and education for marketers looking to learn more about SEO.

In this course, the experts at Moz (including founder Rand Fishkin) give you a foundation for SEO strategy and development. Students will learn the fundamentals of site audits and structure, keyword research, link building, and on-page best practices. This course stands out from other beginner options because it includes lectures on how to appear in Google’s answer boxes (SERP features) and how to show the return on investment for content marketing campaigns.

At just three and a half hours, this course is a great way to get your nose wet in the world of SEO. You’ll find yourself familiar with much of the vocabulary of SEO after taking the course. You’ll also obtain a basic understanding of how SEO functions as a marketing tool in the online space.

At a cost of zero dollars, this course provides a low cost of entry for the beginner SEO. The course is split up in eighteen lectures (split up between seven modules), providing a great format for snacking on the content throughout your workweek or binging the whole course during a free weekend. Moz’s course is a great way to get an introduction to SEO and find out which topics pique your interest. After taking this course, your appetite for SEO learning will be thoroughly wetted and you’ll be searching for your next, more advanced course.

Reviewers of the course have raved about the logical and clear teaching style of Rand Fishkin. One of the most popular thought leaders in the industry, Rand has a compelling teaching style and does a good job of tying in real-world examples and business cases for how companies can benefit from SEO. 


  • Introduction to one of the leading SEO companies in the industry
  • Engaging instructors
  • No cost
  • Time investment is only 3.5 hours


  • Lack of downloadable content
  • No interactive component

The Bottom Line:

A foundational course that you may want to quickly take even if you’re planning on taking another lengthier course.

2: ADMA SEO Essentials Course

The Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), is the biggest marketing and advertising association in Australia, boasting over 600 corporate members in numerous industries. Their SEO Essentials Course is led by Mark Baartse, the CMO of e-commerce retailer Showpo. Backed by 20 years of experience, Mark’s instruction is focused on how SEO’s can drive more traffic to their sites and incorporate SEO into a company’s larger digital marketing strategy.

Offered in both online ($451) and offline ($679) environments, this course teaches students how to leverage Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and Google Webmaster to improve a website’s performance in rankings and traffic. In addition to Mark’s presentations, the course provides exercises and online resources so users can turn the training into actionable takeaways that they can implement right away.

This course is perfect for digital marketers and web managers that want to make sure their content efforts are aligned with and optimized for search. Mark’s instruction is based on the framework of outstanding customer experience and providing users with the best possible content that will help them reach their goals. Students will not only learn tricks and tips that improve rankings—they will learn the logic behind search engines and discover how to create content that provides value to searchers.

As a one day training, this course can help your digital team quickly grasp the essentials of SEO and start implementing effective strategies the next day. Mark does a great job of pointing out all too common SEO pitfalls that many online marketers and publishers fall into. By taking this course, you’ll be able to avoid many of the simple mistakes that are robbing you of valuable traffic.

After completing the course, students do receive certification from the ADMA. Students looking to jumpstart their SEO career should always be aware of what type of certification their target employers want. Standards vary according to industry and location. By getting certified by a trusted source, SEO job seekers give themselves an advantage when applying for their next marketing job.


  • Quick certification from a trusted source
  • Focus on customer experience
  • Covers logic of search engine algorithms


  • The 1-day course will need to be followed up with continued learning
  • Covers no aspect of technical SEO

The Bottom Line:

A class led by an experienced, personable instructor that will ensure you always remember the customer experience while plotting your SEO schemes.

3: The Training Collective The Ultimate SEO Course

If you’re looking for a relatively affordable beginner SEO course that you can complete at your own pace, The Training Collective’s The Ultimate SEO Course may be a suitable match for your budget and schedule. For $299, you’ll receive twenty-five lessons spread across three modules filled with detailed instruction on on-page, off-page, and local SEO.

Designed for beginner to intermediate learners, this course takes you beyond theory and into the nitty-gritty of webpage design and link building. The Training Collective is both a digital agency and education company that’s been working their online magic since 2009, providing learning opportunities for government and private organizations in both group and individual contexts.

This course does a great job of making the distinction between on-page and off-page SEO. In the first module, students will learn how to discover how to format their headings, add in alt text, include meta descriptions, and examine their source code. In the second module, they’ll learn various strategies for link building such as news release distribution and guest blogging. Also, students will learn the difference between certain types of links, the importance of anchor text, and what contributes to site authority.  

In addition to the module presentations, those who enrol receive:

  • Downloadable instructional PDFs filled with course content
  • One hour (or longer) webinar recording with a Training Collective expert who explains course structure, matter, and objectives
  • Access to the Training Collective’s private Facebook group where you can network with other like-minded marketers who are engaging in digital skills training. The group also serves as a forum to ask questions, gain support, and stay updated on the latest SEO trends.

This course may be especially attractive to small business owners who are trying to gain leads and foot traffic through local SEO. The course’s last module gives thorough training on how to set up Google My Business and avoid website errors that keep your business from showing up in local search results. Bringing greater visibility to your business may be as simple as optimizing your site for your region. At an affordable price and a self-paced delivery, this course may provide a great ROI for the longtime businessperson who is just starting to learn about SEO.  


  • Affordable price
  • Community component; opportunity for networking
  • Specific training for local SEO  


  • Quickly progresses to intermediate SEO concepts: beginners may need more of a foundation
  • Focused mostly on tactics; students may miss out on larger SEO theories and strategies

The Bottom Line:

An appropriate course for hands-on learners who want to get into the trenches of SEO right away.

4: Kate Toon The Recipe for SEO Success Course

For the eager beginner who’s looking to take a deep dive into their SEO education, Kate Toon’s The Recipe for SEO Success Course is a great way to satisfy a thirst for knowledge and a desire to put the theory to action. With entire weeks dedicated to writing Google-friendly copy and building a content marketing strategy, this course informs students about the power of an integrated SEO/content approach to digital marketing.

At $1258, this course is a greater investment than the other options on our list. But, the personal support provided by Kate over a three month period of time plus the sheer amount of course content makes this class worth the price tag.

The course takes place over a 7 week period of time, but students have the option to go at their own pace if they get behind. They also have lifetime access to the course content which is updated every year to stay relevant with the ever-changing requirements for SEO.

This is a dynamic course filled with group video chats where you get to engage in discussions with classmates as well as Kate herself, over 100 training videos, and multiple worksheets and checklists. For those looking for an immersive, hands-on class, Kate’s unique course design will find them satisfied with the training.

Additionally, you’ll receive a technical audit of your site and a bonus training on how to set up a WordPress site that is optimized for SEO. In order to take full advantage of what this course offers, students should have a website that they manage in mind before signing up.

Broken up into 7 modules—one per week—Kate’s class is designed for people who want to take their SEO into their own hands instead of paying an outside agency monthly fees to keep their site up to date.

Students can pay upfront and receive a discount or pay in three instalments. We recommend this course as one of the most flexible and content-rich options available. Students will be taken through beginner SEO right up to the intermediate level.  


  • Incorporates content marketing and writing training
  • The class allows a limited number of students
  • Direct access to Kate
  • Includes technical audit of the site


  • Requires a fair amount of time commitment; may be difficult to fit into a full-time working schedule
  • The price tag may be prohibitive to some individuals

The Bottom Line:

One of the most comprehensive SEO classes on the market. Students will learn about all the digital marketing components that integrate with expert SEO.

5: SEOcertification.org Search Engine Optimization Certified Professional Course

SEOcertification.org describes themselves as the “first vendor-neutral certification developed by professionals for professionals.” For a $200 fee, users can get access to the site’s certification course for a full year. With access to an extensive SEO manual, certified member directory, and 14 online course chapters, this is a great option for the professional who is looking to get a continued connection with other SEO practitioners and a thorough training process to learn the particulars of SEO best practice.

Being an SEO professional means staying updated on the latest algorithm changes, being able to show business results as the result of proper website optimization, and networking with other SEOs in order to build community and share strategies. By signing up at SEOcertification.org you’ll give yourself an experience over a year that mirrors the work-life of a real SEO. Plus, you’ll obtain certification from a trusted source.

The site offers “Ask The Instructor” support as well as quarterly training updates, and online exam software. This option is great for the self-learner who is driven to commit themselves to an ongoing education in SEO.


  • A full year of access to professional SEO community
  • Unlimited support provides potential added value for ambitious students
  • Vendor-neutral certification
  • Course content about algorithm updates


  • Requires self-learning skill; ability to engage with the content for a full year

The Bottom Line:

An extensive offering with a variety of interactive training components including live support, exams, an active community, and SEO tools.

Advantages of committing to an SEO course:

  • The structure provided by a course will keep you on track towards a predefined learning outcome
  • You won’t get distracted by wasting time hopping from blog to blog looking for the right information
  • Course creation takes considerable time and expertise; taking a course from a trusted and experienced instructor will speed up your learning and ensure you’re gleaning advice from the right source
  • The personal investment of paying for a course will make you more likely to fulfill the learning requirements, and thus, gain the return on your investment
  • Adding SEO competence to your marketing abilities will help round out other content marketing skills you may already possess  
  • Paying for your own course will prove your initiative and drive to potential employers

Next Steps

Now that you’ve got an idea of some of the best beginner SEO courses available on the market, it’s time to pick one. Be sure to examine each course and read the module or chapter information closely. Also, take into consideration your goals, budget, and schedule when determining which course is right for you. By taking the initiative to enroll in and pay for your own course, you’re that much closer to jumpstarting your SEO career and proving to potential employers that you’ll be an asset to their digital marketing team.



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