5 Step Social Media Campaign: Facebook etc Laurel Papworth

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Level: Beginner
Duration: 4 hours
Delivery: Online
Certification: Yes
Cost: A$199.99


This course takes you through step by step

  • setting up monitoring panels (check the community groups),
  • building a brand voice and content strategy (what to say),
  • create discussion lists and hashtags and engagement strategies for Facebook Optimization (FBO) and Twitter Timelines.
  • You will create a blog or business social media newsroom, change the theme, header, write articles and include videos on it.

Then integrate the whole lot (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog) into a Call To Action campaign complete with measuring tools.

Training Course Content

  • Understand the 5 Steps to Create a Social Media Campaign with Facebook, Twitter and Blogs
  • Bring Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs and YouTube and More into A Cohesive Campaign.
  • Create a Social Media Monitoring Panel to Bring Searches, Newspapers, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter into One Panel
  • Creating a Brand Voice through Blogs and Other Content Social Platforms
  • Create A Social Media Website With All the Facebook And Twitter And YouTube Integrations, A Blog and A Business News/Press Room
  • Understand Facebook Optimisation (FBO) and Increase Engagement on Facebook By Understanding The Right Target Audience
  • Develop Key Influencer Relationships and Discussions on Twitter Through Tools Such As Lists
  • Understand How to Source and Implement Hashtags for Promotions on Twitter (and Facebook, Instagram etc)
  • Develop and Implement Advertising on Facebook and Twitter
  • Create a Measurement and Analytics Strategy using Facebook and Twitter and Instagram analytics as well as 3rd Party Tools
  • Understand What and How To Measure Social Media.

Who Is It For?

  • You Have a Facebook Page But Want To Do More
  • You Would Like to Be Able to Ask Questions in A Discussion Area and Have Them Answered By an Experienced Online Community & Social Media Strategist
  • You Have Various Social Media Accounts But Need to Make Them Work Together
  • You Are Rejoining The Workforce After Some Time Away and Want To Reskill In Social Media Marketing and Public Relations
  • You Have a Good Understanding of Social Media Platforms e.g. Facebook and Twitter and Want to Upskill further.
  • You are a Student at University of College Looking for Examples, Technical Walkthroughs and Business/Government Case Studies



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