Advanced Google Ads Course

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Level: Advanced
Duration: 1.1 Hours
Delivery: Online
Certification: Yes
Cost: 1-month free trial then A$39.99/month*


Are you using the full power of Google Ads to hit your marketing goals? Google Ads is a powerful and flexible platform with all sorts of features you might not be aware of. Even if you know about the various functions available, it can be hard to know the right way to approach them without wasting your advertising budget. I’m Michael Taylor. I have over 10 years experience in the Google Ads platform. And, as the founder of a 50-person marketing agency called Ladder, I’m used to teaching advanced marketers how to maximize their performance on the Google Ads channel. Join me on LinkedIn Learning where we’ll cover topics like how to audit a Google Ads account, what rules to use to optimize your bids, and how top advertisers work efficiently on large accounts. You’ll learn all about Google Ads scripts, how to track your campaign performance, and what channels other than Google search are available in the Google Ads platform. It’s time to take your Google Ads knowledge to the next level.

Training Course Content

Unsure if you’re consistently making the right decisions to maximize your PPC performance? Learn how to follow bid and budget optimization rules and defend the optimization decisions you make. Curious how top advertisers work efficiently on large accounts? Get tips for using the Google Ads Editor to quickly make changes in bulk, as well as how to modify campaigns via bulk sheets. Plus, learn how to run Google Ads scripts that automate nearly anything on your account, efficiently track campaign performance, and leverage other Google channels, such as Google Shopping.

Who is it for?

Advanced users of Google Ads


1-month free trial then A$39.99/month*

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