Analytics Certificate Course by ADMA

Level: Beginner
Duration: Up to 6 months
Delivery: Online
Certification: Yes
Cost: 3400
Course Provider: ADMA


This online data analytics Certificate, derived from IAPA’s four base courses (Analytics Fundamentals, Visualisation, Sentiment Analysis and Practical Predictive Analytics), provides a sound base for beginning analytics or going in-depth.

This online certificate covers the fundamental principles and approaches to conducting analytics tasks and determining sentiment, through to more advanced predictive techniques.You will learn to use analytics principles and the lifecycle, understand analytical tools and techniques, define data visualisation and identify different examples of it, discover predictive analytic techniques and different techniques for predictive modelling, and evaluate model effectiveness.

Training Course Content

Course: Analytics Fundamentals

  • Module 1: Defining Analytics
  • Module 2: Analytics Lifecycle
  • Module 3: Analytics Techniques
  • Module 4: Tools for Analytics I
  • Module 5: Tools for Analytics II
  • Module 5: Delivering Results
  • Module 6: Emerging Trends


 Course: Data Visualisation

  • Module 1: Introduction to Data Visualisation
  • Module 2: Discovering Data Visualisation
  • Module 3: Storytelling with Data
  • Module 4: How to Present Data


Course: Practical Predictive Analytics

  • Module 1: Introduction to Analytics
  • Module 2: Developing a Business Case
  • Module 3: Data Reduction
  • Module 4: Variable Exploration & Model Feasibility
  • Module 5: Sample Design
  • Module 6: Predictive Modelling Techniques
  • Module 7: Evaluating Model Effectiveness


Course: Sentiment Analysis

  • Module 1: What is Sentiment Analysis?
  • Module 2: Text Analysis
  • Module 3: Data Pre-processing
  • Module 4: Measuring Sentiment
  • Module 5: Predicting Sentiment

Who Is It For?

This course is designed for those who are new to analytics or interested in learning more recent analytics methods and tools, as well as for those managing analytics teams.


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About the Provider

The course is taught by Kari Mastropasqua, Kathryn Buttler, Sonya Zecchin, John “Otto” Ottinger, Gazal Kapoor, Inna Kolyshkina, and Gnana Bharathy for the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA).

ADMA is the principal industry body for data-driven marketing and advertising. ADMA is also the ultimate authority and go-to resource for effective and creative data-driven marketing across all channels and platforms, providing insight, ideas and innovation for today’s marketing industry.

The largest marketing and advertising association in Australia, ADMA has over 600 corporate members including major financial institutions, telecommunications companies, energy providers, leading media companies, travel service companies, airlines, major charities, statutory corporations, educational institutions and specialist suppliers to the industry including advertising agencies, software and internet companies.

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User Reviews

· October 31, 2018

Another well-delivered course from the ADMA team. There are 22 excellent modules on different digital marketing topics that provide a great advanced skillset. 10/10

· October 17, 2018

Thought the course was a bit overpriced for the information that it delivered. Very comprehensive info but there’s probably better value elsewhere.

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