Certificate in UX Design – Course by How Design University

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Level: Beginner
Duration: NA
Delivery: Online
Certification: N/A
Cost: 199.99
Course Provider: How Design University


Organisations have a growing need for user experience (UX) designers who understand the role of great design in improving how customers interact with technology and products. In How Design University’s (HDU) Certificate in UX Design course, students will be equipped with the essential knowledge and skills in implementing great design whatever their role or experience is in an organisation.

Training Course Content

The course offers students with a well-rounded education on UX design by focusing on the fundamentals and the guiding principles of good design. They will go on a straightforward journey, starting with an introduction to UX design before tackling more advanced content, including UX design methods and the future of UX design.

HDU’s Certificate in UX Design course is divided into the following sections:

  • Intro to UX design – Here, they will learn all about UX design in a fun and easy way through practical and hands-on work. Students will be introduced to all the tools, methods, and techniques that they can use and apply when doing actual UX design work once they complete the course. More specifically, they will learn about topics like user research, usability testing, and the fundamentals of solid interface design.
  • UX design methods – The course then goes more in-depth with discussions on using wireframes and prototypes. These essential tools and skills will help ensure that students can come up with creative solutions to whatever UX design challenge they face in the future.
  • The future of UX – Great UX is a concerted effort among different individuals in an organisation. This workshop shows students how to put UX at the heart of their organisation and the products and services that they sell.

By signing up for the course, students will have access to different materials that include videos, quizzes, and interactive content designed by expert instructors. They can also access the course in the most convenient time and format for them using a computer, tablet, or a smartphone. Class schedules are flexible too, ensuring students can learn at their own pace and schedule.

Who Is It For?

HDU’s course welcomes all individuals interested in UX design to sign up. This includes not only designers but also developers, project managers, and marketers.


$199.99 (usually priced at $239.97)

About the Provider

HDU is the educational arm of HOW, a provider of practical, essential, and career-driving information to designers. With HDU, HOW offers a range of online design courses, workshops and certificates that are presented by some of HOW’s popular presenters and influential designers in the industry.

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