Digital Marketing Institute – Course by Data & Marketing Association

Level: Beginner
Duration: 2 days
Delivery: Offline
Certification: Unknown
Cost: 1699
Course Provider: Data & Marketing Association


A 2-day course to help you master the basic concepts of digital marketing with an information-packed seminar on website optimisation, search, email, online advertising, content marketing, gamification, social, mobile and emerging media.

You’ll learn how to use digital channels to create unforgettable customer experiences, acquire customers, engage and retain them, and turn them into advocates for your brand. And, perhaps most important, you’ll be exposed to online analytics, so you know how to measure success, fine-tune your strategy and optimize your program.

You will learn how to successfully use the Internet and other digital media to sell your products or services, explore the strengths, weaknesses and nuances of almost every digital channel, and gain the skills and knowledge of how participate in the digital dialogue with your customers so they ultimately become brand evangelists who sell your product for you.

Training Course Content

Day 1 — Activate


  • Two elements of digital marketing
  • History of digital
  • Strategic context / A New World Order
  • The old way to sell / The new way to sell
  • The Path to Purpose
  • The Ins and Outs of Personas
  • User Experience “Don’t Make Me Think”



  • Marketing 1.0 (product based)
  • Marketing 2.0 (consumer based)
  • Marketing 3.0 (collaboration based)
  • Our new marketing partners
  • Defining customers
    • Traditional ways
    • Segmentation
    • Personas
  • Traditional ways
  • Segmentation
  • Personas



  • Why consumers go online
  • Usability definition(s)
  • Usability tenets
  • 6 Digital design tenets
  • Writing for the Web
    • 18 web copywriting tips
  • Applying tips & tenets to landing pages (includes multiple award-winning samples)



  • How storytelling works
  • Multiple storytelling samples
  • Modern techniques for storytelling


Content Marketing

  • Definition
  • Components of Content Marketing
  • Most powerful Content Marketing channel



  • Why video works
  • Video samples



  • What Gamification is NOT
  • What Gamification is
  • Definition
  • According to Gartner…
  • Most famous example of Gamification
  • In-class Exercise: Gamification brainstorm
  • A Word on Marketing Automation


Driving Website Traffic

  • Digital advertising firsts
  • Our “Any Time, Any Where” culture
  • Digital marketing charts



  • SEM / PPC definition
  • SEO / Organic Search definition
  • How SEO works (video)
  • SEO principles & best practices
  • SEO tools
  • Tips on writing text ads (video)
  • Search metrics



  • Objectives
  • What works creatively
  • Award-winning email example
  • Email metrics


Online Advertising

  • The online advertising Ecosystem
  • Buying/Selling online ads simplified
  • Demand Side Platform benefits
  • Online targeting options
  • Programmatic buying / what it is
  • Programmatic buying / benefits & barriers
  • Online advertising metrics
  • Online advertising creative
    • Formats
    • 6 Foundations of Great Digital Creative
    • The story arch
    • Creative showcase


Day 2 — Energize
Social Media

  • Definition
  • Social Media MARKETING
  • Slaying conventional wisdom
  • The Social Media landscape
  • In-class exercise: Which Social Media & Why
  • 2 Classifications of Social Media
  • Social INFLUENCE Marketing
  • 3 Types of Influencers
  • Social Tehnographics
  • Groundswell’s POST Method
  • Native Advertising
  • Social Media measurement
    • How to justify Social Medial to your CFO
    • Glossary of Social Media measurement terms
    • Answering the tough ROI question



  • What is mobile marketing?
  • Mobile ownership & usage statistics
  • What people are doing on their phone
  • Types of mobile marketing
  • Mobile media basics
    • Text/SMS
    • Websites
    • Apps
  • New App Checklist
  • Tracking by tactic
  • Mobile Ad Buying: a primer
  • Guide to smart mobile media
  • Case Study: Doctors Without Borders


New Rules

  • “Your brand is whatever your customers say it is…”
  • Prosumers
  • The New Rules of Marketing & PR
  • Neil’s New Rules
  • Customer Delight
  • Journey Mapping / A brief overview & methodology
  • Focus on the end game
  • 3 Basic Social Media Strategies (with examples)

Who Is It For?

Digital marketers interested in updating their knowledge or learning more tips, tricks and tools; prospective digital marketers; business owners; project managers; bloggers; marketing managers.






Payment Options

Early Bird Discount up to 8 weeks prior to the start date for 20% off the above rates.

About the Provider

After a 30+ year award-winning career in advertising — during which he advised Blue Chip brands such as Disney, American Express, The New York Times, Wounded Warrior Project and Merrill Lynch – and 11 years as an Adjunct Professor at New York University, Neil joined St. John’s University as a full-time Assistant Professor in their Advertising Program. In his first two years, Neil led St. John’s student team to place 3rd (2015) and 4th (2016) nationally in the National Student Advertising Competition.

Neil’s focus is on digital marketing and innovation. In addition to infusing modern advertising and interactive techniques into his curriculum, he conducts an annual survey to determine the most important innovations based on responses from practicing digital marketers.

The Data & Marketing Association (formerly the Direct Marketing Association) is a community that promotes deeper consumer engagement and business value through the innovative and responsible useof data-driven marketing. DMA’s membership and Board of Directors are made up of leading tech and data innovators, brand marketers, agencies, service providers and media companies. It claims to be the largest organization for data scientists, creatives, technologists and marketers, with over 1400 membercompanies.

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User Reviews

· October 31, 2018

The digital marketing team really know their stuff. The instructors are very clear and the content is comprehensive. Would definitely recommend to digital marketing professionals.

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