Data Science Certificate : Course by Harvard Extension School

Level: Beginner
Duration: N/A
Delivery: Online
Certification: Yes
Cost: 11000
Course Provider: Harvard Extension School


Data science helps individuals and organisations gain knowledge and insights from various forms of data. Today, its applications are seen in diverse disciplines, including marketing, finance, logistics, healthcare, human resources, communications, and more. In general, the application of data science can be seen anywhere data is generated, As the world’s demand for data scientists grows, Harvard Extension School help meet this demand through its data science certificate.

Training Course Content

The data science certificate is designed to teach students how to analyse data to gain insights, develop new strategies, and cultivate actionable business intelligence. By taking the course, students will learn the following:

  • Key facets of data investigation, including data wrangling, cleaning, sampling, regression and classification, and data communication.
  • Implementing foundational concepts of data computation, such as, data structure, algorithms, and analysis.
  • Leveraging knowledge of key subject areas, such as, game theory, seasonally adjusted trend analysis, or data visualisation.


Obtaining the certificate requires students to take four courses:

  • A statistics course of their choice
  • Two electives
  • A data science course


The actual course content, therefore, will depend on the courses that the student chooses. All courses may be done online. While students typically complete the certificate in 1.5 years, it may sometimes take up to three years, depending on the amount of time that a student invests.

Interested individuals looking to take the course may register for the courses during Harvard Extension School’s fall, spring, or summer registration period.

To obtain the certificate, the student must complete the four certificate courses for graduate credit, earn a minimum of a B grade in each course, and complete the courses within three years.

Who Is It For?

The certificate is aimed at students who want to learn data science to advance their careers or to pursue their passion in this field of learning. Harvard Extension School recommends that students have prior knowledge in statistics and basic programming. Those without a background in statistics are recommended to take an introductory statistics course first. Knowledge in Python will be an advantage.



About the Provider

Harvard Extension School help students looking for part-time, online courses, and nonresidential programs for career or academic advancement. As one of Harvard University’s 12 degree-granting institutions, their graduates become members of the Harvard Alumni Association.

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· October 31, 2018

Purchase this course if you've got money to burn. Don't get me wrong. The content is there, but the price is just ridiculous.

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