Become a Data Scientist – Data Science Course by Dataquest

Level: Beginner
Duration: Self-paced
Delivery: Online
Certification: N/A
Cost: 49
Course Provider: DataQuest


An excellent course in one of the hottest fields of the day. You will learn how to program in popular data science languages, how to clean and visualize data, how to make predictions using data, and how to work with collaboration tools.

Training Course Content

Step 1 Python Introduction

Python Programming; Beginner

Learn the basics of Python, the programming language of choice for data analysis.

  • Learn the basic syntax, expressions, and statements in Python
  • Learn how to work with simple datasets using files and dictionaries
  • Learn how to create and customize your own functions

Python Programming; Intermediate

Learn some more aspects of Python, including modules, enumeration, indexing, and scopes.

  • Learn how to create modules and classes to organize your code
  • Learn how to handle errors, use list comprehensions, and use regular expressions
  • Learn about variable scoping and the date format in Python


Storytelling Through Data Visualization; Intermediate

Learn how to communicate insights and tell stories using data visualization.

  • Learn how the aesthetics of a plot inform the story it’s telling
  • Explore how to create attractive, conditional plots using Seaborn
  • Learn how to visualize geographic data using basemap


Data Cleaning; Intermediate

Learn how to clean and combine datasets, then practice your skills.

  • Walk through a data cleaning project from start to finish
  • Hone your data cleaning skills through lots of deliberate practice


Step 3: The Command Line

Command Line; Beginner

Learn the basics of the command line, a critical part of any data science workflow.

  • Understand how to navigate the command line environment
  • Learn how to create and run bash and Python programs from the CLI


Git and Version Control: Intermediate

Learn the basics of git, a critical part of developing projects with teams.

  • Understand how version control helps you organize your code
  • Learn how to use git and Github to collaborate with others
  • Understand how to resolve conflicts in version control

Who Is It For?

Anyone interested in becoming a data scientist or using data science for their current job or side project. The course goes from beginner to advanced; no prior knowledge necessary other than basic math.


Free: 0

Basic: 29/month

Premium: 49/month

About the Provider

After barely graduating college, in 2011 Vik Paruchuri found himself working for the US Foreign Service. Bored, he taught himself how to code before venturing into the world of data science and machine learning.

After winning several Kaggle competitions, EdX hired Vik as a machine learning engineer. At EdX, Vik observed how technology could provide an alternative to the traditional education system.

Based on the many lessons he learned on his own journey, along with his observations about how successful data scientists learn, Vik started building Dataquest in 2015. It now has over 100,000 students worldwide.

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User Reviews

· October 17, 2018

Very good course for beginners looking to become a data scientist. I found that the instructors delivered the content in a really informative and educational way.

· October 31, 2018

For what is a beginner course, they go into immense detail to help you become a good data scientist. I got great value from this course and can strongly recommend it to beginners.

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