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Level: Beginner
Duration: NA
Delivery: Online
Certification: N/A
Cost: 450
Course Provider: LIPSINDIA


While the majority of courses on digital marketing focuses on specific platforms and techniques, very few offer an exhaustive look at the entire digital marketing landscape. LIPSINDIA’s digital marketing course aims to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of the discipline by teaching them how to use popular tools the industry uses as well as tried-and-tested techniques to attract and retain customers.

Training Course Content

LIPSINDIA calls the course ‘the most detailed’ digital marketing course. It covers a vast range of topics, including Google AdWords, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing. The following is a more in-depth look at some of the things students will learn:

  • Web basics – Students will learn the fundamentals of the internet, such as, domains, servers, hosting, HTML, and CSS.
  • Google AdWords – This tackles Google’s powerful web marketing tool, its interface, and its various features.
  • On-page and off-page search engine optimisation (SEO) – From creating a search engine–friendly website structure to building links with external websites, these and more are discussed in this section.
  • Social media – Social media platforms are no longer just a means to connect with friends and family. It is now an effective marketing platform as well. Students will learn how to utilise the power of social to grab customers’ attention and turn them into loyal customers.
  • Email marketing – Email is not dead. This section deals with using email as a cost-effective and efficient marketing tool.
  • Ad servers – Students will also learn how to make their ad campaigns more effective with tools and techniques such as display banners, banner ad codes, and geotargeting.
  • Mobile marketing – The course will also talk about marketing on mobile, including running app promotions, SMS marketing campaigns, and app store optimisation.
  • Video optimisation – Video is considered the next big wave of digital marketing. This section talks about how students can create YouTube channels, increase their views, and improve search rankings.
  • Affiliate marketing – Students will also learn about what affiliate networks are, how to sell through affiliate channels, and generate revenues.

That is not all. The course covers even more ground that will ensure students are ready to plan, run, and manage digital marketing campaigns for their own businesses or their clients. Moreover, students looking to start a career in digital marketing will have better chances of being employed after taking the course through LIPSINDIA Placements.

Who Is It For?

The course is ideal for those who have little to no background in digital marketing but would like to explore the disciplines and opportunities within the industry.


Course fees range from ₹24,000–30,000. Discounts are also available: 50% of the course fees or a discount equivalent to course fee of a digital marketing course attended previously (whichever is lower); 75% off to martyrs’ families; 50% off to dependents of army personnel.

About the Provider

LIPSINDIA are an organisation composed of industry experts as well as alumni of the Indian Institutes of Technology and the Indian Institutes of Management. They aim to bridge the gap between the changing business landscape with the current education framework by identifying these gaps and providing students with skills the industry requires.

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User Reviews

· October 31, 2018

Pretty informative course. The section on affiliate marketing in particular was very informative.

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