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Google Analytics is arguably the most popular web analytics tool in the market today. Figures vary, but around 30–50 million websites use it as of 2015. It is free, and it comes with a wealth of features, making it an ideal choice for organisations of all sizes. However, using it can be extremely complicated for novice marketers. Media Training Ltd’s training course on Google Analytics helps anyone without a background on using this tool to get a better grasp of it and use it to come up with more effective and cost-efficient online marketing campaigns.

Training Course Content

This introductory course to Google Analytics teaches students the basics of using the popular web marketing tool to get more effective results from their online marketing campaigns. They will also learn how to understand data and use it to improve their strategy and get to know their visitors better.

Classes are limited to six students—the smallest class size in the industry. This ensures that the trainer can give each student the focus they need so they understand every lesson better.

The following are some of the topics that will be discussed in the course:

  • Google Analytics basics – These tackle subjects such as how Google Analytics works, the Google Analytics tracking code, and how to create new profiles.
  • Visitor analysis – Students will also learn how to identify their visitors and their behaviour by analysing information like the bounce rate and the amount of time visitors spend on the website. In addition, the course teaches how to measure visitor engagement and use Visitor FlowChart to understand their behaviour.
  • Generating and analysing reports – Reports provide marketers with critical insights that help them improve their campaigns. Students will learn how to use dashboards, define goals, and measure conversions as well as how to create and customise reports. Plus, they will be taught how to understand traffic sources, the difference between natural and paid search, and how to analyse their Google AdWords performance.
  • Understanding website performance – Enhancing a website’s performance is key to reducing bounce rates and improving visitor engagement. This section of the course shows students how to analyse page performance reports, use site speed reports to measure response and download times, and use in-page analytics.

Who Is It For?

As this is an introductory course, no previous Google Analytics experience is required from interested participants.


£325 plus VAT.

About the Provider

Media Training Ltd are one of the world’s premier training providers on design, coding, video, 3D and animation, marketing, writing, business, and personal development skills. Aside from being the largest Adobe Training Centre in the United Kingdom and an Apple and a Maxon Authorised Training Provider, they have also trained employees of other well-known brands, including Google, Marks & Spencer, Transport for London, and Barclays.

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User Reviews

· October 31, 2018

Google Analytics is a difficult platform to get your head around, but this course really breaks it down for you. The content and instructors were excellent. I can strongly recommend this.

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