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Designing a great user experience (UX) begins with understanding what users need. UX designers discover this through UX research. This gives them a closer look at the needs of users, the challenges they face, and how they might use a particular product or platform.

MichiganX through edX offer the Introduction to User Experience course to students who want to create better UX with the aid of research. Students will learn why UX research and design is important and find out what UX researchers and designers do and the value they bring to creating products.

Training Course Content

This introductory course teaches the fundamentals of UX research and design. These include showing students what is involved in UX research, such as, conducting interviews, evaluating systems, and analysing systems using principles of good design. From there, students will learn about the work involved in UX design.

By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the necessary skills for UX research and design as well as find out how UX researchers discover and assess user needs. The course will also take students through the process of taking an idea from a concept to a working prototype, learn how to conduct micro-usability tests, and create a design process that is focused on users.

The Introduction to User Experience can be completed in five weeks with 2–4 hours of study per week. Students also have the option to pursue a verified certificate signed by the instruction. The certificate may be used to establish the student’s proficiency in the subject, motivate them into completing the course, and support edX’s mission to fund free education for everyone worldwide.

The course is part of MichiganX’s User Experience (UX) Research and Design MicroMasters Program.



Who Is It For?

Although it is an introductory course, the Introduction to User Experience is recommended for intermediate users. This means students who already have a background in the subject but wish to have a more in-depth knowledge are welcome to enroll.



About the Provider

The University of Michigan (UM) offer free online courses through MichiganX. UM were founded in 1817 as one of the first public universities in the United States. The University then created the Office of Academic Innovation to shape the future of learning, a mission which they fulfil through MichiganX.

edX is the website where the Introduction to User Experience is hosted. It was founded in 2012 by Harvard University and MIT as an online learning destination and massive online course (MOOC) provider.

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User Reviews

· October 31, 2018

The MichiganX group are an excellent team of instructors. They had me immersed in the user experience world. Price is also very reasonable compared to similar ones out there.

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