Moz SEO Training Course

Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Duration: 3.5 hours, self-paced
Delivery: Online
Certification: Yes
Course Provider: Moz


A free course from an authority in the field of digital marketing, Moz’s SEO course delivers seven comprehensive modules teaching students how to improve SEO in order to increase the traffic directed to their website by search engines.

The SEO Training Course by Moz will show you how to set up and deploy your search engine optimization strategy according to the latest trends and algorithms; how to create demand for sites with small search volume; and how to perform an audit of your website to determine your needs. The instructor will take you through various technical issues like indexing, subfolders, subdomains, as well as the fundamental tools of SEO: keyword research and link-building.

One downside to the format is there is no downloadable material or glossary. However, unlike other courses that stop at discussing the fundamentals of SEO and basic strategies to improve SERP ranking and traffic, the course adds details on features snippets, converting goals into reportable metrics and proving the ROI of content campaigns.

Training Course Content

18 lectures structured under 7 modules:

  • SEO Strategy Development
  • Site Audits and Structure
  • Keyword Research Basics
  • On-Page SEO Fundamentals
  • Link building and Off-Page SEO
  • SERP Features (a.k.a. Featured Snippets)
  • Reporting on SEO

Who Is It For?

As this is advertised as a beginner’s course, it can be taken by anyone interested in learning about SEO: content managers, digital marketers, small business owners, bloggers etc. Some of the terminology used may require the use of a glossary – or more advanced knowledge of SEO and digital marketing. However, the course is overall highly accessible and rich in information.