Content Marketing Course by One Month

Level: Beginner
Duration: 6 hours
Delivery: Online
Certification: Yes
Cost: Not Provided
Course Provider: One Month


An online certification course that shows you best practices, copywriting techniques, common content marketing mistakes, relationship building strategies, and how to use landing pages, A/B testing, and email opt-in strategies for success.

If you’re tired of creating content that doesn’t go anywhere, in this content marketing course you’ll learn proven strategies for building an audience, growing your leads, and creating valuable content that actually gets shared. Along the way, the instuctor will share specific strategies for growing an audience, building a body of work, and positioning you (or your company’s executives) as a thought leader within your industry.

Training Course Content

  • Welcome!
  • Course Overview and Structure
  • What is Content Marketing?
  • When Content Marketing Goes Wrong
  • Who Are You?


Project 1: INCENTIVES — Give Them Something They Want

  • Create Something of Value
  • Great Branding Examples & Idea Inspiration
  • Test it Before You Make it
  • Let’s Review: How Quick Was That?
  • Core Questions: What and Why?
  • Download These Notes. Take This Quiz


Breakout Session: Setting Up Your Email List

  • How to Set Up Your Email List (for Beginners)


Project 2: USERS — Get To Know Your Audience Really Well

  • Who Are Your Right People?
  • User Profile Case Studies
  • Your Turn! Creating Customer Profiles
  • Would You Rather Be Loved, Hated, or Neither?
  • Research Methods for Learning About Your Audience
  • Looking Back to Your First Email: What Were the Responses?


Project 3: CONTENT STRATEGY — From All The Things to Just The Right Things

  • All the Content Types! (Tip: Make it Easy and Useful)
  • Little Bets to Big Wins
  • The Business of Content: Four Key Questions from Seth Godin
  • Your Content Strategy Plan: 10 Questions
  • Examples of Effective Content Strategy in Action
  • How Will You Know if it Worked?


Project 4: PROMOTION — Pitching, Publishing, and PR

  • The Best Way to Grow Your Audience…
  • Here, There, and Everywhere
  • Write 4 Pitches: Your Project 4 Assignment
  • Pitching, Publishing, and Guest Blogging
  • PR: Getting People to Talk About you
  • Write a Pitch Before You Write the Story
  • The Art of Asking
  • 20 Free Ideas on Promoting Yourself, Your Project, or Your Business
  • Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose.


Project 5: MAKING — Strategies for Writing, Storytelling, and Making

  • Key Strategies for Actually Making the Content
  • A Few Important Writing Tips
  • Bonus Reading List on Copywriting, Storytelling, and Marketing
  • Essay: Ten Ways to Be a Better Writer
  • Writing Templates You Can Steal
  • Project 5 Downloads: Pomodoro Timers, Making, and Writing


Project 6: POSITIONING — Headlines, Copywriting, and Getting Things to Go Viral.

  • Why Positioning is Imperative for Every Brand
  • How to Write Great Headlines That Get Results
  • Ten Ways to Use Storytelling to Go Further
  • The Secret Sauce: Creating Viral Content?
  • SEO: Getting Your Keywords in Order
  • A/B Testing Basics
  • Setting up a Landing Page
  • Your Choice: Headlines or Keywords?


Breakout Session: Making Design Decisions with Kristina Zmaic

  • Design Matters: Design (and Imaging) Advice with Kristina Zmaic


Project 7: COMMUNICATING — Emails, Email Marketing, Drip Campaigns

  • Have a Conversation — Don’t “Email” People
  • Types of Email Communications
  • The Long-Form Sales Letter
  • Email Automation and Drip Campaigns
  • Project 7: Setting Up Your Email(s)
  • Bonus: 9 Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Emails


Breakout Session: Growing Your Audience With Doug Logue

  • Landing Pages, SEO, Email Capture, and Conversion Rates with Doug Logue, Resident Growth Hacker at One Month


Project 8: ATTENTION & SALES — The Reason You’re Here.

  • Generating Attention: Remembering Why We’re Here
  • Building Relationships and Meeting New People
  • Interpersonal Marketing Tools
  • Growing an Audience
  • Project 8: Investing in Your Loose Ties


Bonus Talks:

  • Nathalie Lussier, Media Creator, App Developer, Business Owner
  • Quiet Power Strategy with Tara Gentile
  • Great Marketing Strategies with Tim Leberecht

Who Is It For?

Business owners who want to get more attention for their work; marketers looking to up their game; people looking to switch careers or expand their skillset; people looking for copywriting, storytelling, and content inspiration.


Not Provided


About the Provider

Sarah Peck teaches this course for the One Month e-learning company.

One Month was started by two teachers and self-learners who worked with thousands of students before deciding to start a company together. Their online training classes consist of the most entertaining, easy-to-follow video lessons with some of the best online teachers as well as on-demand mentors to answer questions or help you troubleshoot.

Their online courses largely feature technology-based courses: Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Growth Hacking, iOS and Programming for Non-Programmers. They have more than 25,000 students, including employees from Google, Bloomberg L.P., Singularity University and the School of Visual Arts in New York City.


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User Reviews

· October 31, 2018

The copywriting section of this course pays for the price itself. I strongly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their online marketing skills.

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