Search Engine Marketing – SEM/PPC Course by Search Engine College

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Level: Beginner
Duration: Self-paced
Delivery: Online
Certification: Yes
Cost: 295
Course Provider: Search Engine College


This is an online series of comprehensive SEM courses that you can follow at your own pace for a monthly fee. If you want to be certified, in exchange for a flat fee you will get tutor supervision and SEC certification if you pass a test.

The courses are accessible 24/7 through the Moodle open-source learning platform, and cover introductions to search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, keyword research, website usability, and copywriting.

If you choose the certification upgrade, a tutor is assigned to guide you through the material and review your assignments. To receive certification, you must receive at least a 70 percent average pass on their assessment items (including lesson review quizzes, assignments and a final exam). Students who take the course via standard subscription (self-study) do not receive tutor-supervision, do not submit assignments and do not qualify for SEC Certification.

Training Course Content

Monthly subscription gives you access to the following SEM courses:

SEO Starter

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Search Engine Basics
  • Search Industry Timeline
  • SEO Requirements Gathering
  • Keyword Research
  • Title and META Tag Creation
  • SEO Copywriting
  • SEO Integration
  • Search Engine and Directory Submission Search Engine Spam (including Google Panda / Penguin / Hummingbird info)
  • SEO Reporting and Conversion


SEO Advanced

  • Site Architecture
  • Text Content
  • Dynamic Content
  • Graphics
  • Flash and Splash Pages
  • Unfriendly Web Design
  • Link Popularity (including Google Panda / Penguin / Hummingbird info)
  • Pay For Performance
  • Measuring SEO ROI
  • Starting Your Own SEO Business


PPC Starter

  • An Introduction to Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Campaign Preparation
  • An Introduction to Google AdWords
  • How to Set Up an AdWords Account
  • An Introduction to Bing Ads (PPC for Bing and Yahoo)
  • The Yahoo! / Microsoft Search Alliance
  • How to Set Up a Bing Ads Account
  • Keyword Research for PPC Campaigns
  • Ad Copy Creation for PPC Campaigns
  • Landing Page Creation for PPC Campaigns
  • PPC Campaign Conversion & ROI Measurement


PPC Advanced

  • Pay Per Click Search Engines
  • Key Elements of a Successful PPC Campaign
  • Regional and Niche Market Targeting
  • Building Effective PPC Ads
  • Successful PPC Bidding Strategies
  • How to Create Killer Landing Pages
  • Click Fraud & Anti-Competitive Practices
  • Landing Page Testing
  • Monitoring and Tweaking Your Campaigns
  • Pay Per Click Tools and Software
  • Keyword-Research(currently under revision and unavailable)


Link Building

  • An Introduction to Link Building
  • What Type of Links Are There?
  • How to Create and Manage a Link Building Campaign
  • Managing Links on Your Web Site
  • Niche Link Building
  • Editorial Link Building
  • Social Media Link Building
  • Link Building Tactics to Avoid
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Link Building Campaign
  • Useful Link Building Tools


Web Site Usability

  • What is Usability?
  • Web Site Requirements Gathering
  • Information Architecture and Navigation
  • User Interface Standards: A Useable User Interface
  • Credibility and Authenticity
  • User Friendly Forms

Who Is It For?

Prospective digital marketers looking to understand the field; digital marketers interested in updating or honing their SEM skills; bloggers or small business owners.


99 monthly access fee

295 per course to upgrade to Certification

About the Provider

Search Engine College (SEC) is an online training institution with students in more than 60 countries worldwide, offering tutor-supervised courses and self-study courses in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising and other Search Engine Marketing subjects.

Search Engine College is independently owned by search engine marketing firm Jordan Consulting Group Ltd and led by SEO expert Kalena Jordan. Their courses are distributed to universities and schools in the United States and Europe via various international joint venture partners.

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