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Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps businesses rank higher in search engine results, giving them highly targeted visitors at a low cost. Smart Insight’s Search Engine Optimisation hub page will provide you with an overview of SEO, such as its advantages and disadvantages, tools and software that you can use, and key SEO techniques.

Training Course Content

Smart Insights’ SEO reference is part of its hub pages, which lets anyone become informed about SEO, including the basics, latest trends, best practices, and tools and software used in this field. All these are designed to give even a complete novice with practical knowledge on the subject.

Here are some of the topics covered in the SEO hub page:

  • SEO Success Factors – How does one succeed in SEO? The hub page begins with key pointers that will give you an edge, including resources from search engine giant Google itself.
  • SEO Definition – First time learning about SEO? This section offers a clear, thorough, and easy-to-understand explanation of what SEO is, its advantages, and its disadvantages.
  • Recommended Resources for SEO – This introduces you to Smart Insights’ wealth of resources on the subject, both free and paid. It covers everything from marketing templates to complete training courses.
  • Related Statistics – Be up to date on the latest SEO trend with the most recent statistics on search engines and customer search behaviour.
  • Tools and Software – SEO requires a specialised set of tools for analysing key SEO components such as keyphrase demand, ranking, backlinks, and keyword density. You will learn all about that in this section.
  • Best Websites on SEO – Expand your SEO knowledge with even more resources about the subject. These include Google resources and some of the most popular websites that discuss SEO in detail.
  • Key Techniques for SEO – This section links you to other Smart Insights hub pages on more specialised topics on SEO, such as internal linking strategies, article marketing, link building, mobile SEO, and SEO content strategy.

Who Is It For?

The hub page is geared towards complete novices on SEO who want to cover all the essentials of the subject in a clear and simple way. These include students who want to start a career in SEO or working professionals who wish to expand their skill set with this highly sought-after expertise. The page is also ideal for small business owners who want to work on their website’s SEO on their own or would like more effectively with their in-house or agency SEO provider.


FREE, but some resources require a paid Smart Insights membership starting at $50/month for individual users. Business membership is also available for an unlimited number of users.

About the Provider

Smart Insights are a publisher and learning platform designed to help its members plan, manage, and optimise their marketing. They provide a wide range of resources such as templates, guides, and interactive learning tools. It currently has 150,000 active members in 100 countries and a monthly readership of 500,000.

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User Reviews

· October 15, 2018

The Smart Insights team are an excellent group of instructors. All of the lessons are very clear and easy to understand and provide useful content. I can recommend this course to SEO veterans and newbies alike.

· October 17, 2018

Good instructors and content.

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