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Level: Beginner
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Many businesses today use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as part of their marketing strategy. However, not everyone understands how to use these tools effectively when it comes to driving traffic and sales.

In Media Training Ltd’s social media marketing course, students will learn how to unlock the power of social media in their marketing campaigns.

Training Course Content

This comprehensive course equips students with all the knowledge they need to run effective social media marketing campaigns. It covers a wide range of topics, from defining social media marketing goals to running campaigns for specific platforms. Here is a brief overview of what students will learn in the course:

  • Social media principles – The course begins with a discussion on the basics, including the current state of the market, how to create a dialogue, cultivating relationships through social media, the importance of integrity and honesty, and more.
  • Audiences for social media – Next, students will learn about the audiences of each platform and how to choose the right platform for their message.
  • Social media marketing using Facebook – This section talks about all the tools and strategies for Facebook, such as customising a Facebook page, exploring opportunities with Facebook Places, and increasing engagement with Facebook.
  • Social media marketing using Twitter – Increasing brand awareness, building a strategic network of influencers, and best practices in promoting offers will be discussed here.
  • Social media marketing using LinkedIn – From creating a professional profile to LinkedIn etiquette, students will learn about all those and more in this section.
  • Listening to what the target audience is saying – Social media has revolutionised customer feedback. This section shows students how to use and monitor it more effectively.
  • Monitoring social media presence – Students will also learn the tools and techniques to analyse and interpret the results of their campaigns.

Each class is limited to six students—the smallest in the industry. This gives each student more time to work with the trainer and makes it less intimidating. They can also choose between a Mac or a PC during the duration of the course, which will already have the necessary software installed once they go to class. Finally, onsite lunch will be provided to students and can be tailored fit to their specific dietary requirement.

Who Is It For?

No previous social media marketing experience is required to join the course. Anyone who wants to get results with their social media marketing campaigns will benefit from signing up. These include students, professionals, and entrepreneurs.


£325 + VAT (with a promotional rate of £275 + VAT on some dates)

About the Provider

Media Training Ltd are one of the world’s premier training providers on design, coding, video, 3D and animation, marketing, writing, business, and personal development skills. Aside from being the largest Adobe Training Centre in the United Kingdom and an Apple and a Maxon Authorised Training Provider, they have also trained employees of other well-known brands, including Google, Marks & Spencer, Transport for London, and Barclays.

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