Social Media Marketing – Course by The Left Bank

Level: Beginner
Duration: N/A
Delivery: Online
Certification: Yes
Cost: 990
Course Provider: The Left Bank


Social media has gone beyond being a platform to share holiday photos, memes, and reconnect with old friends. Businesses can now also tap into social media to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience. The Left Bank’s Social Media Marketing course equips participants with the knowledge they will need to start a career in this field. More seasoned professionals can also take advantage of the latest strategies and techniques they can use to engage their target market.

Training Course Content

The 10-week online social media marketing course covers all the fundamentals of the subject, including producing engaging content, managing public relations campaigns on social media, and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns.

Here are some of the things participants will learn in the course:

What social networks to use

  • Not all social networks are created equal. It all depends on the marketing campaign’s goals. The course teaches participants how to use each platform to maximise their results.


Using social media marketing to drive website traffic

  •  The course also shows how to use social media marketing effectively to create a significant impact to one’s website traffic.


Building a community of loyal followers

  •  Social media marketing is not just about the number of people in an online community. It is also about the quality of each member. Participants will learn how to find and convert hungry followers and make them an important part of their social media channel.


Streamlining the publishing process

  • Publishing social media content is hard work. The course shares industry tools that allow social media marketers to post across various channels quickly and efficiently.


Measuring the success of campaigns

  • There is always room for improvement in a social media marketing campaign. Participants will be taught how to measure and tweak their campaigns to create better results every time.

Who Is It For?

The course is ideal for those who wish to learn or master social media marketing. These include marketing professionals, aspiring social media managers, PR/communication teams, and small business owners.



About the Provider

The Left Bank provide high-quality courses that teach students how to understand and apply emerging digital technologies in their career and business. They are a brand of the Academy of Information Technology. Both are known for delivering an exceptional level of education across various specialisations. The Left Bank offer their courses via their learning management platform Canvas, which is ranked as one of the top student learning systems in the world.

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User Reviews

· October 15, 2018

Really great intro to social media marketing for beginners. Learned a ton of useful information and have started to apply this in my business to good effect. Would definitely recommend this.

· October 31, 2018

Whilst expensive, this course has everything you need to succeed with social media marketing. The team are excellent and the content is very creative and innovative. Great value for money.

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