Advanced PPC Advertising – SEM/PPC Course by The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Level: Advanced
Duration: 1 day
Delivery: Offline
Certification: Yes
Cost: 1173 AUD
Course Provider: The Chartered Institute of Marketing


This advanced course taught by Graham Hansell for the CIM offers an in-depth look at the principles and techniques of conducting successful digital marketing campaigns, with a focus on pay-per-click advertising across the major platforms.

This course shows how to grow your Google adwords, Microsoft advertising and Facebook campaigns beyond simple keyword ads into a profitable investment of marketing budget. Delegates will learn how to gain quick wins for their business by applying test and learn methodology to their paid search advertising and learn about the growing opportunities in social, mobile, local, shopping and video search.

Training Course Content

  • The principles of paid search and quality based bidding (keywords, creatives, bids and landing pages) that drive success.
  • The key influencers on a PPC campaign.
  • How to perform keyword research to identify your audience and beat a competitor.
  • How to build a ROI model for any PPC market including for premium CPC.
  • How to identify the best bid position.
  • Apportioning PPC spend according to your aims.
  • How to get better results from your existing campaigns.
  • Collecting, measuring and managing PPC reporting.
  • Developing the right PPC mix for your market.
  • PPC copywriting that works for both the search engines and your audience.
  • How to put together a workable PPC plan.
  • Integrating products and your PPC program.
  • How to select an external  search agency (from the Founder of the UK’s Original SEO).
  • Working more efficiently with your agency.
  • Using the right tools for the job.
  • The BIG rules for better PPC – within your teams and third party suppliers.
  • Optimisation for web, social, video, shopping and mobile.

Who Is It For?

The course is primarily designed for marketing or web managers who are required to plan and implement a PPC campaign in B2B or B2C markets. They will have either had experience of planning and running Google AdWords programs or have attended the one day introductory Search Engine Marketing course (available from CIM).






About the Provider

Graham Hansell has over 18 years’ experience in digital marketing, originally working for the UK’s first web directory and then as founder and owner of the UK’s first website optimisation company. He is managing director at SLX Marketing and Course Director for Digital Marketing at the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing has been in existence for over 100 years. The largest professional marketing body in the world, CIM offers membership and career development, professional marketing qualifications, training courses and helps businesses grow with tailored support.

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User Reviews

· November 7, 2018

Very comprehensive course. This institute really takes care of its members. I can strongly recommend this.

· November 7, 2018

Decent enough content, but could be learnt online for a cheaper price.

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