Advanced Analytics Course by The Training Collective

Level: Beginner
Duration: 2 hours
Delivery: Online
Certification: N/A
Costs: $49
Course Provider: The Training Collective


The course consists of a 1-hour webinar, a pdf of the content, downloadable resources, and access to a Facebook group for student support. The course itself explains analytics reports, Tag Manager, conversion pixels, attributions etc.

The course is taught by established agency The Training Collective and is an effective introduction for beginners to the field of analytics. While not going into a lot of detail, it does cover the essentials of how to set up tracking and structure relevant reports to assess your business’s performance online.

Training Course Content

  • 1-hour webinar (or longer) discussing the importanceof adding conversion tracking pixels to your website to track the effectiveness of your campaign, the role Google Tag Manager can play, Facebook conversion pixels and how they can help, how to schedule reports from Google Analytics, what attributions are.
  • The course comes with downloadable resources related to the content where available, as well as membership to a Private Facebook group where you can network with other like minded business people who are engaging in digital skills training,ask questions, gain support, and keep updated.

Who Is It For?

Beginners getting into digital marketing and analytics; established digital marketers looking to improve their knowledge of reporting and analytics in general; small business owners; bloggers; website owners and administrators; project managers.



Payment Options


About the Provider

In 2014 The Training Collective was formed as a spin-off company out of multi-award-winning company The Creative Collective, to focus solely on training. They still work closely together, share staff, premises and knowledge in terms of the latest and greatest in technology and digital marketing trends.

They have extensive experience in the development and successful delivery of a wide range of online and offline training having completed numerous projects for Government agencies and other private clients.

Whether it is providing one staff member in training on a particular social network, or devising a year-long program to up-skill your entire workforce, The Training Collective has extensive experience in the development and delivering everything from one hour webinars to half day and full day training, through to 12 week online programs and year-long professional development plans for large organisations.

They also have extensive online experience and skills in the development of effective websites and online resource portals, developing system user-guides and customised procedures, as well as online and offline training in the use of new systems.

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User Reviews

· October 15, 2018

This course really put into perspective for me the importance of the Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager for tracking campaign performance. You’re simply leaving money on the table if you don’t have either of these set up.

· November 7, 2018

Fantastic course. A++

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