Social Media for Individuals – Course by The Training Collective

Level: Beginner
Duration: 1+ hours
Delivery: Online
Certification: N/A
Cost: 49
Course Provider: The Training Collective


A short online course to get you familiar with the basics of using social media with savvy and intelligence, this one comes in the shape ofa 1-hour webinar, with resources, a downloadable pdf and access to a private Facebook group.

Social media is one of the biggest growth areas of online marketing. In short, it is technology that allows you to socialise for personal or business reasons, or any other purposes you may wish, online. But before you use it for business purposes, you must first understand how to use it for personal reasons.

What you get with this webinar is an overview of what social media are, how to set up your profile and make connections, how you can make the best use of each type, what type of content is best suited for personal use, and what you should share and not share across these platforms.

Also part of the skill-set of a savvy social media user is the ability to understand what the scope and growth factors of social media platforms really are, what benefits and pitfalls are associated with these platforms, and what tools can assist you in deploying content and measuring the impact of your online presence.

Training Course Content

  • Be aware of the major social media networks;
  • Understand how to set up an individual profile on the major social media networks;
  • Understand how to establish and make friends/connections/followers in the major social media networks;
  • Understand the benefits of using social media networks on an individual basis;
  • Be aware of the scope of the social media industry and predicted growth;
  • Be aware of the tools that can assist you to measure the impact of your social media activities

Who Is It For?

Social media beginner users who want to start out right; current social media users who want to learn how to improve their knowledge and understanding of various social media platforms.



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About the Provider

The Training Collective is a spin-off out of the Australian digital marketing company The Creative Collective. It has been offering digital marketing services, as well as online and offline digital marketing training since 2009, for both Government and private entities, either one-on- one or team-tailored.

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· October 31, 2018

Great value for money.

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