Social Media Tools the Pros Use – Course by The Training Collective

Level: Beginner
Duration: 1+ hours
Delivery: Online
Certification: No
Cost: 30
Course Provider: The Training Collective


This Training Collective course offers a one-hour webinar, with a pdf summary, downloadable resources etc, to teach you how to manage your social media accounts like a pro, making use of the best tools out there to improve campaign ROI.

The course will teach you the basics of social media, what platforms are out there and how they are suited to various types of businesses, interests and demographics, and it will especially direct you to the types of social media tools which exist and how social media tools can assist you with your digital marketing campaign.

You will learn about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+, what each of them bring to the table, how to get analytics and reports for each of them, how to use plugins and extensions to better manage your accounts and posts, and why tools such as Hootsuite can make your life easier when you are supervising multiple threads and cross-platform accounts.

Training Course Content

The course consists of a one-hour (or longer) webinar recording with an expert on the topic running your through the content

A downloadable PDF is included, to read at your leisure, together with downloadable resources related to the content where available and access to a Private Facebook group where you can network with other likeminded business people who are engaging in digital skills training.

Webinar topics include:

  • Twitter Tools
  • Facebook Tools
  • Pinterest Tools
  • Instagram Tools
  • Social Media Analytic Tools
  • Social Media Monitoring Tools
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Hootsuite – what is it, why use it, getting started with Hootsuite, The Hootlet extension
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Insights
  • Twitter analytics
  • Pinterest analytics
  • LinkedIn analytics

Google+ Insights

Who Is It For?

Social media managers, either beginner or intermediate; digital marketers interested in optimising campaigns and deriving better analytics; project managers who want to assess how to best allocate resources and deploy campaigns.



Payment Options


About the Provider

The Training Collective is a spin-off out of the Australian digital marketing company The Creative Collective. It has been offering digital marketing services, as well as online and offline digital marketing training since 2009, for both Government and private entities, either one-on- one or team-tailored.


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User Reviews

· October 31, 2018

Bit of a short course, but the content really packs a punch. Can happily recommend this to any digital marketing professional.

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