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Top 5 PPC Courses For Advanced Users

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If you’re looking for an advanced PPC course, you’ve likely found that most of the training available today is designed for beginners. To help you on your search, we’ve put together a list of the top five PPC courses for advanced users on the market today. The primary criteria we looked for while selecting these five courses were course content with a specific focus on some niche element of PPC advertising as well as expert instructors with a proven track record within the industry. We hope that this guide will help you make an informed decision while selecting your next advanced PPC course.

Side by Side Comparison of our Top 5 Course Picks:

Course Level Duration Delivery Certification Cost Provider Best For
Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Training Advanced 20 hours of live instructor led video instruction Online Yes $299 Market Motive Learners who desire comprehensive training on advanced PPC subject matter
Advanced Google AdWords 2017 Advanced 1 hour 56 minutes Online Yes $25/month subscription Adriaan Brits on lynda.com Students looking for a lot of detailed information in a short amount of time
Advanced Google AdWords Training From An Industry Veteran Advanced 5 hours of self-paced video instruction Online Yes Normally $199, currently $19.99 Mark Meyerson on Udemy Advanced advertisers who need mature strategies to accelerate margins within their current account
Facebook Retargeting Pro (PPC Advertising) Advanced 44 minute video instruction Online Yes $19.99 Udemy Facebook advertisers looking for a primer on retargeting potential
Pay Per Click Advanced Course Advanced 10 self-paced lessons Online Optional certification track for additional fee $99/month subscription Search Engine College Advertisers looking to refine and reevaluate their current PPC strategies


1:Market Motive’s Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Certification Training

Led by industry thought leader and expert instructor, Brad Geddes, this advanced course is designed to train ppc practitioners how to craft campaigns for multiple search engines. Students will learn the finer points of analyzing market trends, monitoring competitor campaigns, and conducting research to improve ROI and inform business strategies.  

If students complete 85% of the course and score at least 60% on one simulation test, they will receive certification from Market Motive.

Brad’s style of teaching is perfect for learners looking for methodical, straight-forward material. We picked this course because of the detail that Brad delves into in each of the 11 modules. For example, in the ad copy section, he doesn’t just offer tricks and tips for writing sizzling copy—he breaks down how to navigate competitor trademark usage in search ads. It’s in-depth content like this that makes us recommend this course for the more advanced ppc advertiser. Brad will answer questions that’ve been eating away at you over your last year of campaigns.


  • Expert instructor—Brad’s training is trusted by companies like Salesforce, GE, and Home Depot
  • 20+ hours of live class time plus 35+ hours of other e-learning content for only $299
  • Offers perspective and advice for advertising on multiple search engines


  • No information available on how often course content is updated
  • Tactical, detailed approach by instructor may be mismatch for the student looking for high-level strategy

Bottom Line:

Choosing a course led by an official Google AdWords Seminar Leader will surely give you a comprehensive and straightforward training. If you’re looking for something with less time investment or more out of the box strategies, you may need to enroll in a different course.

2: Advanced Google AdWords 2017 on Lynda.com

One of the leading online collections of digital marketing courses, lynda.com features an exceptional user interface and is filled with informative, career-advancing classes. One of those courses is Advanced Google AdWords 2017, led by instructor Adriaan Brits. Brits has designed the course for advertisers who’ve had some foundational training and experience who are looking to advance their knowledge. It’s also a good fit for the experienced self-taught advertiser looking to learn more.

Lynda is a subscription service. For $25 a month, you have full access to its catalog of courses. New users can sign up and get their first month free. Learners receive a certificate of completion after finishing each course they enroll in.

This particular course is divided into five modules. The first two are pretty standard, offering advice on research, planning, and reporting. Modules three through five are where we think the real value lies. In module three, Brits lays out the essentials for mastering mobile marketing, and clearly communicates strategies for increasing app downloads and leveraging geotargeting for mobile. In module four, he relays how to gain an advantage in your AdWords campaign by using  automation rules. Brits even explains how to automate a weather-based campaign. In module five, students learn how to manage YouTube video ads, an important skill for any advertiser in today’s market of ever-increasing mobile video consumption.


  • Transcript of instruction included in each module
  • Sign up includes entire Lynda course catalog
  • Detailed instruction on AdWords Automation rules


  • Only two hours of course content
  • No instruction on pay per click platforms outside of AdWords

Bottom Line:

An excellent option for learners looking for a quick course that’s packed full of substantive content and valuable advice. One weakness is the short amount of time dedicated to each module. Some crucial topics are skimmed over.

3: Advanced Google AdWords Training From An Industry Veteran by Udemy

For advertisers looking to tap into the brain of an industry veteran, this Udemy course provides just that—five hours of PPC strategy concentrate distilled from Mark Meyerson’s ten years of digital advertising experience. This strategy heavy course teaches users how to infuse machine learning features into their account, how to integrate Adwords with Google Analytics to maximize results, and how to interpret data from testing that goes beyond A/B.

Displayed within Udemy’s easy-to-navigate learning platform, this course is a great value at its current discount. Normally $199, users can purchase it for $19.99 right now. Certification of completion is provided by Udemy.

We picked this course for our list because of Meyerson’s unique ability to explain advanced theories clearly and show how he’s personally implemented the strategies he espouses in accounts he’s managed. Meyerson guides his students through the intricacies of last-click attribution, multi-funnel remarketing strategies, and dynamic ad customisers. Even advanced advertisers will learn new things in this course, and an intermediate learner will have the opportunity to level up their abilities considerably if they complete it.


  • Advertising strategies expertly integrated with PPC tactics
  • Access to budget optimize tool
  • Free budget tracking template sheet
  • 30 minute AdWords audit helps users review their account


  • Doesn’t cover PPC platforms outside of AdWords

Bottom Line:

A course designed to provide maximum value to advanced learners who want to squeeze out even higher ROI from their PPC campaigns.

4: Facebook Retargeting Pro (PPC Advertising)

Most PPC courses are focused on search engine and website display platforms. In recent years, Facebook’s share of the digital ad market has grown considerably as digital marketers have sought to leverage the social media website’s extensive consumer data. In addition to the Facebook’s voluminous demographic and behavior data, its ad platform has a retargeting option. Udemy’s Facebook Retargeting Pro (PPC Advertising) course trains Facebook advertisers how to upgrade their strategy and guide their website visitors through the customer journey.

Students receive a certificate of course completion and retain lifetime access to the instructional video.

The course relays case studies from various industries featuring e-commerce sellers, bloggers, real estate agents, and politicians who have successfully implemented Facebook retargeting. We added this course to our list because of its specificity and niche application. In contrast, most PPC courses are broadly focused, providing the advanced user little-added value. For the advertiser looking for real world examples of how to benefit from Facebook retargeting, this course will get your creative juices flowing and show you exactly how to use the function within the platform.


  • Affordable price at $19.99
  • Focuses on a very specific niche of PPC advertising
  • Includes industry-specific examples


  • Last updated September 2014
  • Doesn’t include downloadable material

Bottom Line:

An appropriate course for the advertiser looking to diversify their retargeting ad spend past standard search and display options with Facebook. But, this course will not meet the expectations of anyone looking for extensive coverage of PPC strategies or tactics.

5: Search Engine College’s Pay Per Click Advanced Course

A thorough course focused on Google and Bing’s ad platforms, Search Engine College’s advanced PPC training is built for the results-driven digital marketer looking to refine their campaign structure and strategy. This course stands out as one of the best on the market because of the considerable spotlight it gives to landing page design and optimization. An often overlooked component of building successful campaigns, optimized landing pages are crucial for decreasing cost and improving user experience. This course uses research from eye tracking studies and a specific landing page case study to inform students how to improve their campaigns.

Led by industry expert Kalena Jordan, this self-paced course is part of Search Engine College’s monthly subscription offering ($99). Individuals who enroll receive a $75 AdWords credit voucher and a $100 Bing Ads credit voucher.

We suggest this course because of its interactivity and quiz/exam integration. It includes ten lessons, ten online review quizzes, four assignments, and one final exam. The course does not fail to cover important advertiser concerns, such as click fraud and how to monitor and tweak existing campaigns.


  • $175 bonus of AdWords and Bing Ads vouchers
  • Two lessons on specific landing page techniques
  • High level of interactive content


  • Can’t sign up for course individually; must sign up for monthly subscription to Search Engine College
  • First few lessons will be review for most advanced PPC advertisers

Bottom Line:

Another excellent option for the advanced advertiser looking for a comprehensive course. This course will help you refine your existing ad account and PPC strategies. For people who need a course that provides accountability and deadlines to succeed, this is not a great choice.

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