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Types of SEO Training

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Online courses to help you understand website visibility and traffic

As the saying goes, “The best place to hide a dead body is on Page Two of Google search results.” While this is a light-hearted jab at the importance of marking a business’ online presence, the sentiment does hold truth to it. It’s because of businesses vying for the top spot on Google that has made Search Engine Marketing (SEO) so crucial to a business’ bottom line.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been in the industry for a few years, there’s a lot to learn about SEO. There’s no better time like the present to start a new career or freshen up your skills – below are the most common types of SEO training that you can do right now:

  • Technical: If you’ve ever wanted to know more about rel=“canonical”, robots.txt, and crawlability, then you’re looking at the technical side of SEO. And that’s just the surface: from HTML to meta tags and even keywords, you can learn all this and more in the DIY SEO Courses’ ‘To The Top SEO Course’. Find out more here.
  • Non-technical: Designed for a creative mind, non-technical SEO refers to topics such as content relevance, keyword research, customer journey tracking, image optimisation, and social PPC.
  • On page optimisation:Ready for a short, speedy course about how to get to the top of Google? In Udemy’s 2.5 hour SEO Training 2017 module, you’ll learnabouthow to write perfectly optimised content, how to give your SEO a boost, and how to skyrocket your click through rate (CTR). You’ll even learn how to perform a full SEO audit on any site.
  • Off page optimisation:Ever wanted to know how toincreasea site’s ‘authority’ and popularity? With ItBytes’ Online SEO Training Course, you can find out!Learn about search engine submission, guest post blogging, business profile submission, and social bookmarking, to name a few.
  • Writing content:Having engaging, useful content on a website is crucial to search engine optimisation. You can discover how to write content that will help users find, learn, solve, buy, fix, or understand their query by taking the Instant e-Training Content Marketing Certification course. In just 13 sessions, you can uncover all the tips and tricks to writing great site content – check it out here.
  • Link building: Whether you’re interested in SEO professionally or personally, Instant E-Training provides 14 sessions of on-demand video courses that teach you how to implement critical SEO elements. While this course covers the basics of SEO, there is a dedicated section on link building strategies.

Each of these courses are designed to provide an all-rounder view of SEO, so you get the full scope and its context when learning about each training type. From beginners through to experts, each module provides great learning material to deepen your knowledge.

If you’ve got the self-motivation, then Course Peek has the SEO courses for you. From as short as 90 minutes all the way to 10 weeks, there’s a module for you that will help you get the most out of understanding SEO. All you need to do is save time by comparing and finding the best SEO courses online that suit your goals, and enrol.

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