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Understanding website analytics is no longer exclusive to marketers. Even small-business owners who sell online will reap huge benefits by understanding how it works and how it can increase their sales and know their customers better. Irish Times Training’s Website Analytics course is designed for a variety of individuals and organizations who wish to gain a more in-depth knowledge of website analytics and use it to transform their online business.

Training Course Content

The three-hour course offers valuable insight into web analytics. Participants will learn how to collect data on their website and draw conclusions and create strategies from the data. They will also learn how to use Google Analytics’ reporting functionalities and how to boost conversions and track their marketing performance.

Below is an overview of the Website Analytics course:


Why are web analytics important

  • Website owners may often hear about web analytics but don’t necessarily appreciate its importance to their business. This section brings more clarity to the subject.

Why use Google Analytics

  • This section takes a closer look at the popular web analytics tool and introduces participants to its different functionalities.

How to set up Google Analytics

  • To start using Google Analytics, participants will also learn how to add websites to their account and use the platform’s administration account.

Google Analytics reporting

  • Reporting is an essential part of Google Analytics. In this section, participants will learn about the basic and advanced reporting features of this platform. These include audience overview, demographics, interests, segments, site speed, and in-page analytics.

Understanding terminology

  • Web analytics terms can be confusing to complete beginners. This section introduces participants to common terms such as sessions, unique users, page views, bounce rates, and exit pages.



  • Google Analytics helps website owners and administrators discover what works and what doesn’t on their website. Participants will also learn how to create goals in Google Analytics, setting targets against KPIs, and optimising their website.


Different types of tracking

  • Whether it’s an event, download, or click, these actions can be tracked with Google Analytics, which offers website administrators a wealth of insight into what their visitors want and how they behave.

Who Is It For?

The course is ideal for a variety of participants, including students who want a detailed introduction to web analytics, entrepreneurs looking to improve their digital marketing campaigns using Google Analytics, and marketers who want to update their knowledge in this field.



About the Provider

Irish Times Training have been in the professional development and education business for over 40 years. They work on a variety of individuals and organisations and offer them high-quality training in a range of fields including digital marketing, personal development, and business.


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User Reviews

· November 8, 2018

Content was really excellent and explained modern website analytics in great detail.

· November 1, 2018

Great content but the instructors were a bit hard to hear at times. That said, it's a strong intro to web analytics and is really useful for beginners like I was.

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